Rivne Day 2 – Everything about the city of Rivne and lots of love

Day Two began with two lectures (how poetic) held by Dr. Valentyna Federivna Danilicheva , teacher of the Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities. As a historian she knows everything there is to do with the past, present and (probably) future of Rivne =)

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(together with translator Christina)

She introduced to us the historic, economic, social and political aspects of the region of Rivne. Unscripted, Miss (or Pani as we like to say in Ukrainian) Valentyna was able to talk about Rivne, from its very beginning till present day, mentioning the resources available (basalt and amber), statistics about the inhabitants and their origins as well as explaining the name VOLYN (that is the name of the region in which Rivne is located). VOLYN, by the way, means “something under” and Rivne is called Rivne because it is flat as know mountains are there (just that you know!). She told us about the World Wars and Holodomor, as well as the City’s involvement in these events. After all that information our head were spinning, so we were grateful for a guided tour around the city to cool down a bit and see the sights of the city.

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Rivne has a lot nice places and sights. The most important for the summer school was surely the monument for the so called “Nebesnya sotnya” (Heavenly Hundred). Four people from Rivne died during the massacre on the Maidan in February 2014. Also, the Museum of Natural History (normally closed on Monday) had a small exhibition about the Maidan and the ATO in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

11692995_1015745735102225_749796046_n   11791874_1015745731768892_1104758575_n

30 minutes by bus from Rivne one can find the so-called “Tunnel of Love”. Well, if you are not very romantic, then for you it’s a forest (a special grown forest though!). However, if you are romantic (and a lot of participants of our group seemed to be =D) you have a great location to take hundreds of selfies and group pictures. Even the aggressive mosquitos could not prevent the group from having new facebook profile photos and group selfies =)

11774696_1015745715102227_561562468_n   11815646_1015845065092292_549416767_n

written by Anja Lange


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