Part two – Рема, Тема, Workshops, Media Landscape

The second part of the Summer School was devoted to media analysis and the practical aspects of journalism. Dariya Orlova and Yuri Storozhuk, both from the Mohyla School of Journalism, provided a good basic knowledge about how to conduct an interview, the importance of the narrative, fact checking, the challenge of objectivity and so on.

The two experts also held individual workshops with the international groups that gathered around a variety of different topics they had elaborated during the last days. The following topics are going to be covered during the study trips:

THEME 1 – “Students as Actors of Maidan, Rivne”
THEME 2 – “LGBT community in Mykolayiv”
THEME 3 – “Image of Europe among youth, Mykolaiv”
THEME 4 – “Internally displaced people in Mykolayiv”
THEME 5 – “New nationalism/patriotism in Ukraine, Mykolaiv”
THEME 6 – “Youth Music, Rivne”
THEME 7 – “State of the culture, youth, Rivne”
THEME 8 – “Economic developments in Mykolayiv”

Apart from the workshops, the participants received some insights into the media landscape that has significantly changed during and after the Revolution of Dignity.

This part entailed a visit at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center and a discussion with the Ukrainian philosopher, essayist and an analyst at Internews Ukraine, Volodymyr Yermolenko. The UCMC was established during the Revolution to provide a stage for various individuals and groups from the Maidan to reach out to both the international and domestic public. Initially, the project meant to have a rather short life span, but the subsequent events after the Revolution lead to an institutionalization of the UCMC. Since its move from Hotel Ukraina it is located in the Ukrainian House right at the European Square.

The group also had the chance to visit and meet with Angelina Kariakina, who provided the necessary background information about this online citizen journalist platform that has become quiet an institution and is widely known for its “Sunday Show” among the international audience since it takes place in English language.

On Sunday – one of the hottest days of the year – the group split up and went to its research destinations in Rivne and Mykolaiv.


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