First impressions from Mykolaiv

A month ago I didn’t even think about Mykolaiv as a potential destination. Guess what, right now, at 01:40 I’m typing this post in the room of the „Nikohotel“.

My first impressions are in most cases wrong. So it was with Niko (a rather popular short name of the city). Imagine that sweltering heat, being tired of a 7 hour trip, disappointed with the „soviet-union“ atmosphere, almost dispirited by all those Lenin and Sovietska streets…

I’m now falling asleep with a completely different idea of what Mykolaiv is. Yeah, they do not speak Ukrainian and still they do not care less about how dirty the city looks. BUT. They do respond in Ukrainian, at least they try to. This only fact gives me hope.

I believe there will be much more to tell about this city and its people. Some stereotypes must be ruined.


From Valeria Kovtun, one of the Summer School´s participants.


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