Rivne – Day 1

At 10am the group travelling to Rivne left the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy on a small bus, accompanied by Ukrainian folk songs and a small break (to buy Ice Cream or a Sandwich) at 3pm they reached their destination. While the Mykolaiv group has to sweat it out in the heat, here in Rivne we have a cosy 22 degrees.


Robert-Bosch Lecturer Małgorzata Gedlek has lived for one year in Rivne and knows the city well. She was not only our guide but also directed the bus driver in the right direction, as well as providing the group with some important information such as where to find a nice café and how to circumnavigate the streets of the city centre. After a late lunch the group decided to meander through the city centre of Rivne.


Rivne might appear for an outsider to be a boring city in the West of Ukraine; however already on our way to the city centre we saw many interesting sights and had great conversations.

There was for example a crowd of people gathered in the street, so naturally we went to have a look at what was going on. The “International Federation of Boyovyy Hopak” was giving an outdoor lesson. This Federation is for young children who want to play typical Ukranian sports. Some participants of our summer school even managed to conduct an interview with the Vice-President of the organisation! In the end we took some photographs and were very grateful for this nice and coincidental meeting! If you want to find more information on these motivated people check out: http://www.hopalo.org

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Group picture:


One of the first sights that had to be seen was the monument of Taras Shevchenko, hero of all heroes of Ukraine. Well, at least for some people…:D


In one park (near to the library) we entered the “Rivne music summer”.


This kind of a festival is organised outside, today there was a guy with a saxophone playing and some young enthused people were singing under trees. People around them sang and applauded and the whole group felt very welcomed in Rivne!!!


written by Anja Lange


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